Family Law - Child Support & Alimony

Child Support

Signing DocumentChild support is set according to Utah statutory tables. The amount is determined by taking mom's and dad's incomes combined and the number of kids and then much like playing battleship, finding where those numbers meet. Then they look at what percentage of mom & dad's combined incomes is attributable to each. That percentage is the percentage of the child support that each parent would be obligated to provide for the child. Child support typically ends at the minor child turning 18 or graduating from high school, whichever is later. However, it can be set for a longer period of time if the child is disabled or even a college student. Although child support is typcially set by Utah law at the statutory table amount based upon clear and specific tables, determining things such as countable gross income, whether or not one person should be imputed to a different amount than their actual income, what things should be considered as part of child support or not, and for how long child support should continue, or even which tables to use and which worksheets to use can become highly contested issues.



Signing DocumentAlimony or maintenance can be temporary while your legal matter is pending, or can be included in a final order. It can then be for a temporary period of time, such as the duration of the marriage, or while you get back on your feet, or it can be permanent. Permanent can mean for the rest of your life. Each case is very fact specific to each person's particular situations. Courts consider things like the length of the marriage, the relative wealth of each person, the earning potential, whether there are young children to care for, daycare costs, debts and obligations, efforts during the marriage, assets and property, and possibly even fault or wrong doing by one party. Alimony typically ends upon a persons death, remarriage, cohabitation, or in some cases based upon requesting the court to reconsider the award based upon a substantial change in circumstances.

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