Testimonials - Wendy Bradford

Wendy Bradford is an attorney that you can trust. She has given our family great advice regarding a custody dispute. She also provided accurate information on what to expect from hearings. She is accessible and knows all the options available for solving custody problems. She has been invaluable to our family during this difficult time.

Devon R.


I would recommend anyone to Wendy. She is very professional and honest. I was in a position where I wasn't going to get my way in the divorce decree and she was very upfront and explained why. She will never advise you against something that she feels is not in your best interest because she isn't in it for the money. I believe she was truly in it for me. She was great to work with and anyone that is looking for a good honest attorney should use Wendy Bradford."

Teila S.


I would like to recommend Wendy Bradford for any family law problems. Wendy helped us get guardianship of our three granddaughters. She was very professional and on top of everything that might come up against us.

The girls met with her and she put them at ease and explained everything to them so they would know what to expect. Court was a breeze with no surprises or having to come back with more information like some of the cases that were unrepresented. I would use her again if the need arises.

Kris P.

Guardianship of Adult Son

I found Wendy by an online search because I had no idea who to use for our guardianship needs, but I will recommend her to everyone I possibly can. Wendy represented my handicapped son as we proceeded through the guardianship process at his 18th birthday. She walked us through the process and taught us about every angle possible. She is extremely well read and was over prepared for our needs. Everything went exactly as she said it would. Her play-by-play of the proceedings was so helpful and reassuring. She was especially sweet with my son, William. He has Downs Syndrome and he could not have had a better guardian angel than Wendy. She was perfect!

Maryan P.

Out of the country Representation for Divorce

I secured attorney Wendy Bradford to represent me in my divorce. I would like to add that I never met her in person (I am a contractor and work overseas a majority of the time so my dealings with her were over the phone). Wendy represented me all the way through my mediation and was very professional for my entire ordeal. She made sure that we were prepared and was very thorough, meticulous, and organized. Wendy always kept me updated as to what was going on at the different stages of my process. I highly recommend Wendy as an attorney for any and all your family law needs.

Jose O.


The best attorneys fight for you to the end, and never give up. They are like a bulldog that never lets go of your best interests. Wendy is all of these. Wendy never gave up on me, even though I'd endured the loss of my kids to a parental abduction, and my job, all in one week. She helped me file my hague papers to get my children home, and even gave me a voice in the trial in Australia.

Martin I.


I hired Wendy Bradford for a custody case involving my son. Thanks to Wendy in under a six month period I went from no visitation to getting full custody of my son. Her knowledge and expertise on this case was such a great advantage to me and my family. She has impacted my family in such a positive way that there is really no way to repay her. I can’t thank Wendy enough! I would recommend Bradford law to anyone that needs legal advice in family law.

Nick A.


I would like to recommend Wendy Bradford for any family law problems. Wendy helped us get guardianship of our three granddaughters. She was very professional and on top of everything that might come up against us.

The girls met with her and she put them at ease and explained everything to them so they would know what to expect. Court was a breeze with no surprises or having to come back with more information like some of the cases that were unrepresented.

I would use her again if the need arises.

Kris P.


I want to comment, and compliment Wendy Bradford on the professional and expedient way in which she handled my difficult, somewhat unusual case. I know that all of us dread the time when we have to turn to legal counsel for help. In addition, I assure you, that Wendy helped in every way possible to make the situation much easier for me to deal with.

While going through a very difficult time in my personal life, I turned to Wendy Bradford for help with a litigation matter. She gave me great advice, kept me up to date on all matters and showed that she cared about the disposition of my legal issue.

She was very organized, efficient and thorough in her preparation regarding my matter. I felt that every dollar spent was of value and that she was not running up billable hours for insignificant reasons. An issue I have certainly felt using other attorneys in the past.

With me being the owner of a small business, it was very difficult for me to meet during normal business hours. She made herself available to me when it was mutually convenient, including on weekends. Which was certainly a change from other attorneys I have dealt with in the past.

She was quick to deal with all questions and concerns that I had. Moreover, I greatly appreciated that she kept me on track when I had weak moments and wanted to just "give in" to unjustified demands from the defendant in my case. Just to get it over with and move on with my personal life.

I have, and will continue to recommend her to my friends and associates.

Gary W.

Limited Scope Assistance

When my husband came to me and told me he wanted a divorce I was shocked to say the least. While dealing with the emotional stress and hurt of this shock I was also burdened with filling out divorce papers so that I could guarantee I got custody of our daughter. Wendy Bradford was so helpful and did a great job helping me include all of the things that I wanted to say in my papers and some of the things that I would have never thought to include. She was so knowledgeable and understanding and I knew she wanted me to get through this rough time as easily as possible. Wendy was so efficient and made a process that could have taken months only last weeks. I would definitely recommend Wendy to anyone who requires legal advice as well as emotional support. Thanks Wendy!


Representation While Overseas

I am soldier in the United States Army, and was deployed when a family emergency had occurred with my son. He was admitted for observation to the hospital for hurting his younger brother. Later it was found that it was his way of crying out for help because of the abuse he had received from his mother. I had sent an email to Wendy and she laid out my options for me. Being in Afghanistan, I was given information on my son's progress which I had passed on to Wendy. She not only counseled me on what I needed to do but also filled the void which distance had caused. In a matter of three months my ex wife and I came to an agreement and my son will now live with me and be able to thrive in an environment he can grow up in.


I hired Wendy to handle my custody fight with my ex- wife. Wendy was awesome! She is extremely knowledgeable and always remained professional even when the opposing counsel called her names in the courthouse (yeah, he was that unbelievable). She stood her ground, remained calm and returned his barrage of court filings with simple clear and concise responses. Her ability to stay focused and avoid playing games with opposing counsel won our case and I have full custody of my son. I would highly recommend Wendy to anyone looking for counsel as she understands complicated custody issues, she is open, honest and handles herself with the utmost integrity. My case came during a very difficult time in her personal life and yet Wendy stayed on top of the case put in extra hours that paid off for me. I owe her much more than money can every repay as my son is safe. I really appreciate all of her hard work during a difficult time in your life. It isn’t easy for a father to win custody and I'm grateful every day to have my son living with me.

Thank you again Wendy for everything you have done for me.


Zach Z.

Divorce After Retirement

When Wendy Bradford was recommended to me it was because the person thought that she could relate to my issues and would be sympathetic and caring. I found that to be true.

She advised me well; she understood my needs and desires. She quickly acted resolve my problems. I feel that I couldn't have had a better attorney to alleviate my particular situation. The whole affair, which at first seemed bleak, turned out to be favorable to me and I will always be grateful.


Elder Law Work

Wendy worked with us on a few Conservator cases. On some she represented the protected person, on some she represented us. She was professional and kind in her actions and was very responsive to the difficult situations that surround Guardian and Conservatorship cases. I was especially impressed with her personal skills in dealing with people.



I have previously worked with other attorneys, but I would hire Wendy again. I am 100% satisfied with Wendy Bradford as my divorce attorney. She is so efficient and on top of her game. I love how responsive she is and how knowledgeable she is in her field. Great work.


Out of State Representation

I had 4 calls out for an Attorney, and Wendy was the only Attorney that actually answered my call. I had to leave messages and go through a secretary, then a paralegal, just to get a message to an Attorney. Not with Wendy, she had a direct line. She is definitely passionate about what she does, which was my second most important requirement. Wendy worked very hard on our case, and kept excellent communication always. She made herself available all the time, if not by phone by email. I feel she is the most down to earth, smartest, and caring Attorney I have ever met. She is very reasonably priced, and well worth a lot more for what she does. I can't say enough great things about her. She is an absolute pleasure to work with. What I will say is I hired her from another state, and didn't meet her in person for a year and felt like I have known her forever. She really made us feel comfortable and confident, without having to meet her in person. Then she produced all the results we had hoped and prayed for. Thank you Wendy for all your hard work, and I'm glad to not only call you my attorney, but now my friend!


"Do it Yourself" Divorce

I came to hire Wendy Bradford's firm after purchasing and filling out a complete divorce document package. My wife and I agreed on everything and thought it was thorough enough to file with the court. I discussed this with a friend that had done a similar do it yourself divorce only to spend years regretting it. My friend knew Wendy from school and recommended that she look over the documents. Wendy agreed to meet with me on very short notice over the weekend. At the initial meeting Wendy listened attentively to my families' particular situation. She then reviewed all of our documents and made several recommendations and assisted us in formulating the paperwork to meet my particular concerns and needs. She did this quickly for a very reasonable cost. I am glad I met with Wendy Bradford and highly recommend her professional, personable legal expertise.


OCAP Assistance

Divorce is traumatic enough without having to navigate what is all too often a procedural monster once in court. (Wendy Bradford/Bradford Law Office)'s counsel was invaluable in educating me about the process, preparing my divorce documentation, and taming what is usually an extremely intimidating process. I can wholeheartedly recommend (Wendy Bradford/Bradford Law Office) for any matters involving divorce & family law.


Messy Divorce

We had an attorney before hiring Wendy and came to her as a last ditch effort. From the minute Wendy took on our case she jumped in and did what was necessary to get up to speed. She was very, very well prepared. She followed up on every aspect. Wendy took on what could have been some very difficult issues that easily could have resulted in protracted, expensive litigation. Instead, Wendy got down right to the issues and addressed them all head-on. I believe because Wendy was so thorough and aggressive, yet reasonable, the case was quickly settled in the way we had hoped, yet not dreamed was possible. I was very pleased with her preparation and presentation and would recommend her highly!


Guardianship/Conservatorship of Mother

Ms. Bradford represented my elderly mother in a Guardianship and Conservatorship matter. I was so impressed with not only her level of competence, but more importantly to me and my family, at Wendy's compassion. She was very thoughtful of my mother's needs and concerns. She listened to her and ensured that her needs and interests were met and protected. Wendy went out of her way to take the time to truly understand the issues and acted with genuine caring from the beginning to the Court appearance and final resolution orders. Wendy was available at all hours and was never difficult to reach. She worked around my mother's schedule and came to her for meetings. Finally, even after final conclusion of the case, Wendy followed up with my family and checked up to see how everything was going after the case was closed. I was impressed and touched with Wendy's professional and personal service.


Guardianship of Grandson

I want to comment on how awesome Wendy has been from the first time I contacted her office with questions on how to go about getting Guardianship of my grandson. She was willing to discuss the process with me over the phone before we even made a commitment to use her services. On my second call she had additional information and had already spent her own time discussing with other attorneys to give me options. I was very impressed with this as she gave out this information without even discussing a retainer.

She was very thorough with the Guardian paperwork she filed for us so that when we went before the Judge all the paperwork was in order so we were able to get a copy of the signed order the same day. It was great to stand before the Judge and have him say everything was in order and sign the paper. Others were sent away for additional information and I am very appreciative of the time Wendy took to ensure this would not occur on our case. She was great. She made the process simple and made us feel very comfortable throughout the whole process. She is awesome to work with and we will definitely use her again if the need arises. Working with Wendy has been a great experience.



I hired Ms. Bradford to assist me in a complex divorce matter. Actually 2 concurrent divorce matters - one in Wyoming filed by my husband and one inUtah filed by me. Wendy worked closely with me on a daily basis for months on these difficult cases. I felt as if throughout the entire process, I had hired not only a strong, smart and capable attorney, but also had a friend. Wendy was available for all of my legal issues, as well as the almost more troubling emotional struggles that go along with divorce and custody litigation. When necessary, Wendy worked around the clock and was able to meet immediately all emergency situations. I never had to wonder what was happening in my case. Wendy Bradford was the answer to my prayers in providing competent legal assistance balanced with compassionate, sincere comfort. I now understand why attorneys are also called counselor.


Parent Time With Son

I am so grateful to Wendy Bradford for the sensitive, yet strong representation she provided during one of the most trying times of my life. I was faced with an ugly divorce and being deprived of all of my parental time with my only child. In stark contrast to the volatile and tumultuous situation my wife was trying to stir up at every turn almost daily, combined with the unknown and uncertain world the courts and law seem to provide, Wendy Bradford was a constant of stability, knowledge and reassurance. I never dreamed I would find myself in the difficult and precarious situations this divorce placed me in, but I am glad I had Bradford Law Office on my team to see me through to resolution. Considering the complexity of the issues, I am astounded at how quickly we were able to get all of the issues in the case negotiated to settlement. Throughout the process, I felt like I had not only hired an attorney at the firm, but had actually engaged a partner to stop the controversy and allow me to go back to focusing my time and resources to my personal life moving forward. My son and I are back to building memories. If I were to have to relive the nightmare of this divorce again, I would pray that Wendy was available. Thank you, Wendy!


Divorce Modification

Coming home from a deployment and dealing with custody issues was not something I looked forward to so, I avoided them. I had set up a joint custody arrangement to make things fair between me and my children’s father. He moved out of our area and I tried to make concessions for him. After much time had passed and he had taken advantage of the arrangements; I asked him to sign paperwork for the new situation he had created, he refused. I went to Wendy in hopes that she would help me out of a difficult situation which I knew would get ugly and more difficult. She did help me by giving me excellent advice on how to handle face to face situations with the father of my children and patiently guiding me through the mediation and paperwork that resulted in me being awarded sole physical and legal custody. She was very clear, concise, patient, and understanding to the point of keeping me from being hysterical or being taken advantage of further. I found her to be very consistent in her contact with me, she crossed every "T" and dotted every "I" in everything she did for my case.



Wendy helped me with my divorce, and was so helpful. She called me and kept me up to date on every detail of the proceeding. I did not have to wait days for Wendy to return my inquiries. She is efficient, and keeps clients informed. She was compassionate and understood my situation. I have recommended her to my friends. She is great!


Stipulated Divorce

After going to a different attorney that only wanted me to fight with my ex a friend told me about Wendy. I am very happy about that. Wendy was able to keep everything running great, that made things better for me and also my children. Wendy did what was right for me and my family. Wendy also is a great lady and easy to work with. Thanks again Wendy!



Wendy Bradford is a very organized and thorough divorce attorney. Whenever I emailed or called her with questions she got back to me very quickly. Wendy knows the divorce laws very well so she was able to explain everything to me so that I could understand it. Wendy always had the correct paper work in order so that I never had to go back to my ex-wife for additional signing's. I loved how pleasant Wendy was when I met her and always on the phone. I have recommended Wendy to others already and I recommend her to anyone that wants a great divorce attorney.


Custody & Child Support

Wendy assisted me in my divorce/custody matter. She was a great help and assisted me with understanding my rights as a parent. She is very professional and works with you in a friendly very understandable manner. She represented me in a mediation session and is very knowledgeable of Utah laws and limitations. What stood out the most to me as a client is that Wendy puts herself in the opposing counsel's situation and tries to see the argument from their point of view in order to come back with the best representation for her clients. I would recommend her services to others that want and very professional friendly experience.


Custodial Interference


I want to thank you for helping get the greatest gift - my son. Thanks to you this Christmas is full of so much joy and happiness. Thank you again for your dedication.


Child Support


Wendy's service was excellent. She was trustworthy, responsive, knowledgeable and always kept me informed through out my entire child support matter. I have previously worked with other attorneys, and I would highly recommend Wendy Bradford. She was superb at understanding what I was going thru and up against. She took the time to truly understand my case and present it to the judge in such a matter of fact way. She cited cases where applicable and then expressed details in such common sense terms. She was a pleasure to work with and always was positive and helpful.


Hard Work & Results

Wendy is the most goal driven person I have ever met. She knows exactly what she wants and will work in order to achieve it. Another thing about Wendy is her desire to do excellent work, if you get a chance to work with her you will see what I mean. She understands who she is working for and seeks to find the best outcome for her clients. She will get you results if there are results to get, and even better, she will let you know when pursuing an action will end up being a useless endeavor, the world needs more attorneys like Wendy


Advocate in Mediation

In my former position as a program coordinator for a mediation program in the Utah State Courts, I worked with Wendy numerous times in her legal representation of her clients. I believe her advocation for her clients was very appropriate in a mediation setting. Wendy was very protective of their interests in a way that served the mediation process without being destructive of the mediation process.


Worth Every Penny!

Wendy is amazing. I had a client who signed a contract to pay within 30 days of invoicing. It went to 90 days and still no payment. After many phone calls to my client I asked Wendy's advice. She said "Let's send a demand letter and see what happens". Within 30 days I had payment of a $10,000 invoice, it cost me less than $200 to hire Wendy and she kept me in the loop the whole time. On a personal note she is engaging and delightful! If I had to pick Wendy's top three attributes I would say she exudes Great Results, Expert, High Integrity.


Take Over Case

A few months ago my husband and I had a situation arise and we needed the advice of an attorney. We had been trying to resolve the issue on our own for quite some time and were not getting anywhere. We tried to work with another attorney and still were not able to get anywhere. We were referred to Wendy Bradford, Attorney at Law and she was very helpful. She agreed to meet with my husband and I over the weekend to accommodate our work schedules. She suggested that she was going to see if the issue could not be resolved with a couple of letters rather than through court. She kept us informed of everything she was doing. Within just a few short weeks we received a letter explaining that the issue was taken care of and to our pleasant surprise, Ms. Bradford enclosed a check for half of the money we had given to her, explaining that it did not take her as long as she had anticipated. We highly recommend her services.


Contract Dispute

We were in the midst of a contract situation and felt we had been damaged but were not sure how to proceed. We brought the contract matter to Ms. Bradford for analysis and recommendations. Her ready grasp of the law and how it applied to our situation was an immediate relief, and her passionate and immediate recommendation for action was accurate and effective.

When you have an attorney with her level of competency, who understands how to apply the law and can see clearly what you need, it is a source of strength and confidence. We all need that - - and in life and in business - - and that is exactly what we got with Wendy Bradford. Now we can confidently say, "I'll speak to my lawyer about that." And we know we have a strong advocate in her.


Relocation and Parent Time

Wendy has represented me on more than one occasion. She is passionate about her work and we clicked right away. I know that if I leave a message or email her at any time of day she gets back to me at the soonest possible time and is happy to do so. Wendy is personable and produces great results with high integrity. I have complete trust and confidence in Wendy's abilities to achieve the goals we have set for me and my family.


Emotional Divorce

I am writing to give Wendy Bradford my highest recommendation. Wendy is both very professional and personable. She went out of her way on more than one occasion to get me critical information in regards to my case. Wendy has a great balance of knowledge and drive that will be invaluable in getting your case completed.

Jo Ann A.

Custody of Son in Divorce

Wendy is a lifesaver. It is hard to put into words how much of a help she was and how much I appreciate her services. Thanks to her, I am able to spend quality time with my number one priority: my son. Her advice, confidence and responsiveness were a huge help in the most stressful time of my life. Her advice and willingness to answer my questions about child custody allowed me to relax and enjoy the time I had with my son and not waste it. I am so glad she was there to help me and I would definitely recommend her to anyone that needs help. I would hire her again in a heartbeat!

Josh M.

Elderly Father’s Divorce

Wendy represented my 91 year old father during his divorce. She was extremely professional and very helpful in this process. I live in Colorado so it was very comforting to know I had an experienced professional representing my father in Utah. She kept me informed every step of the way and ensured my father’s best interests were taken care of. I would not hesitate to recommend Wendy to anyone in a similar situation.

Robert M.

Keeping it Simple

I was referred to Wendy by a Paralegal who was helping me obtain my divorce. I was able to have Wendy go over final documents and edit certain areas where it needed to be stronger, or simply taken out. Without Wendy's help I think that I would still be married. She even suggested that I take out a some things that were not necessary and could have caused problems. To make my story short, my divorce is finalized and no protection order was needed. THANK YOU WENDY for your excellent services and I will be referring more people over to you!!!

Ann J.

Prenuptial Agreement

I would like to extend a special thank you to Wendy Bradford. Wendy worked very hard, and handled our prenuptial agreement with sensitivity, urgency, and accuracy. When faced with discussing and actually completing this type of legal agreement, emotions can arise and make the process more difficult than it needs to be. Wendy was there for us with the knowledge & skills to address all of our questions, concerns, and apprehensions. It was a pleasure to work with her. She made a potentially difficult process flow very smoothly for us. Thanks again Wendy!

Kellie S.

Elderly Parent’s Protection

I picked Wendy because of her Family Law knowledge and expertise. I appreciate the way she made a daunting task very simple for me. I thought it would take a lot of work on my part to become my parent’s legal guardian and conservator, and Wendy made it very simple and I had to do very little ground work. Thank you!

Barbara M.

Professional and Available

I highly recommend Wendy. I was referred by a friend going through the same situation I was, and I have since referred her to multiple others. I went to her for help with my divorce. I was dealing with an extremely manipulative spouse, Wendy not only made me feel confident and comfortable during the process, I knew from our first meeting I could trust her advice & opinions. When I felt I couldn't handle the stress any longer Wendy was very understanding and sweet & got me through it as quickly as possible. When we first met I did NOT get the feeling she JUST wanted my business like other attorneys I consulted with, instead she was actually honest in what kind of case I had along with how much involvement was needed in my case. Wendy was always very responsive to phone calls, and emails. I never had to wait long to speak with her; which is very important when you are dealing with any legal matter in my opinion. Thank you again Wendy for all your help in my divorce, making me feel like I had all the support I needed. Your honesty, efficiency, and your ability to be a "bulldog" as needed is much appreciated!!

Stacie M.

Wendy is a professional who will go the extra mile to ensure your case receives the required attention. She was willing to meet me on a Saturday to fill out paperwork. I enjoyed working with her and I would recommend her professional knowledge to anyone seeking legal services.


I own a paralegal services firm and whenever in the process of preparing documents for clients, it becomes evident that they will need the services of a divorce attorney, I refer them to Wendy and they get the answers they need in a way they can understand them. My clients tell me that her knowledge and genuine interest in the client's needs, makes working with her a great experience.



I was referred to Wendy by a Paralegal who was helping me obtain my divorce. I was able to have Wendy go over final documents and edit certain areas where it needed to be stronger, or simply taken out. Without Wendy's help I think that I would still be married. To make my story short, My divorce is finalized and no protection order was needed. THANK YOU WENDY for your excellent services and I will be referring more people over to you!!!

A. Jensen

I have to admit that I found Wendy through the OCAP online listing of divorce attorney's. I had no clue where to turn when my spouse told me that after 31 years of marriage, he wanted out. From our first phone call and first meeting, I was impressed with her knowledge of the laws surrounding divorce and willingness to guide me through the process. When I would call her in a panic about some issue, she would respond very quickly. Wendy has a great ability to balance being compassionate and understanding with telling it to you straight when that's what you need to hear. She was no nonsense with the opposing counsel when needed as well, and I know that was key to finally getting a mediation date scheduled and completed. Because of her efficiency, I walked out of that mediation with a signed agreement that included me receiving a fair settlement from my spouse's retirement account, something he had been adamently fighting against. It may have been random that I found her, but I am very thankful that I did. So much so that I'm going back to her to help me write my will! Thanks, Wendy

Judy F.

Joint Custody of Daughter

Wendy's knowledge and skills were instrumental in setting up an agreement which has dramatically increased the time I spend with my daughter. The agreement has also given me more involvement in parenting my daughter, and given me the tools to better work with my ex-spouse when issues arise. This has greatly improved my relationship with my daughter and given me peace of mind. I am so pleased with the outcome that I continue to use Wendy’s services for issues which arise, and would highly recommend her.

Devon R.

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