Family Law - Adoption

Adoption is one of the rare times that clients seek legal services for something positive and exciting.

Signing DocumentAlthough adoption law is extensive, we have included a brief overview of some of the more common questions from clients beginning to explore their option below.

In Utah, adults who are legally married to each other, a stepparent, and any single adult are eligible to adopt. The process is typically begun by filing a Petition in either District or Juvenile Court.

Any minor child or an adult may be adopted.

People that are living together and not married may not adopt and married couples cannot adopt without the consent of their spouse unless they are legally separated.

Adoption of a child by an unmarried biological father can only be accomplished if he strictly complies with requirements to develop a substantial relationship with the child, openly acknowledges himself to be the father, initiates paternity proceedings and agrees to support the child.

A parent cannot necessarily avoid supporting their child by voluntarily terminating their parental rights.

By the time the child reaches age 12, the child needs to consent to the adoption.

There are home residency requirements that need to be met of 6 months, or one year for a stepparent adoption prior to finalization.

Once a final decree of adoption has been entered the statute of limitations restricts your ability to contest it.

Adoption can be an exciting, yet legally complex situation. Our attorneys at Bradford Law Office would love to help you navigate this complex, yet positive experience for you and your family.

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